Health and Beauty 105

3 Aug


So, I have to admit that I love it when individuals play colorists themselves and rush to mass retail stores to purchase boxes of hair dye, sometimes up to 4 boxes just in case they have a big goof.  This brings me to tell a story about a client I once had  tell me while cutting her hair that in one day she colored her hair herself 8 times, yes, that is correct 8 times in one day.  She claimed that she couldn’t achieve her desired color, a creamy beige blonde, so she kept coloring it over and over herself and further explained that she was too cheap to pay for professional color services.  My million dollar question to her was, “How much did you pay for each box of color?”  She responded that each box of hair dye off the shelf cost approximately $10.00 including the tax.  Hmmmm……well, 8 boxes at $10.00 is $80 bucks, definitely enough in my geographical area for a color touch up, or even for a partial highlight, which by the way was her ultimate goal; sunkissed striations to enhance her murky dishwater dark blonde hair.  The funny thing is that she did not listen to my advice, so once again she attempted hair color suicide.  I got an ER call from her explaining how she put a box of dye on her hair and the results were astonishing.  Her root area was orange, the shaft yellow and her ends green.   My thoughts…….for her:  hair color nightmare; I CAN NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE LOOKING LIKE THIS, HELP!!!!!!!!!…..for me: CHA-CHING!!!!!!!

The thing is that box color is not necessarily bad color; it’s when you don’t know what you are doing is what is not good.  Hair coloring is like painting and there are many things to consider!  Natural hair color, the amount of non-pigmented (gray) hair, other chemicals on the hair, other dyes on the hair, texture, and porosity levels are all main factors that need to be evaluated before coloring.  The hair on the head is the canvas, so think about placing color on the canvas.  If I have a white canvas and paint it red, what color comes out?  If my canvas is brown and place red on the brown canvas, what color comes out?  If the canvas is brown and place yellow on the canvas, what happens?  Get the picture????  Oh, and just because the directions say to pull the color through the ends, doesn’t mean that one has to do that exact task.  Only when the color is completely faded on the ends, one should pull through, but still must be careful!

So, when buying hair dyes at mass retail outlets such as Target and Walgreens, nobody asks what was the original hair color  of the model pictured on the box.  Do it yourselfers base their purchase on that one fact.  The hair color of the model in the picture is the desired result, but are the starting hair colors on the purchaser the same as the model?  PROBABLY NOT!  So, unless you have white hair, your hair will most likely NOT come out the same as the pictured hair model.

I guess the moral of the story is to talk to your hair colorist because they will educate you on hair color.  If you are on a budget, ask them what can be done within your budget so that you can walk around with a mane that is perfectly colored!


Today I am going to dedicate this section to men!  Well, it can also be applicable to women, but the topic is targeted for the gentleman.  HOW TO GET THE PERFECTLY GREAT SHAVE…….

The modern conveniences of quick shaves have dominated the incommodious daily routine of shaving.  They either get out the old electric razor and glide it over their dry skin or perhaps reach for the can to lather up billowy puffs of shaving cream on their stubbly face to prep it for the Mach 3 multi edged blade attack.  The funny thing is women do the same thing when it comes to shaving their legs because I know I do, only I use a Venus razor.  Now this has worked all along, however, wouldn’t you men love to get a closer smoother shave?

I am going to delve out some secrets to a perfect great shave!  The key is to have a wet shave.  The wetter, the better!  I recommend to shave after a hot shower, but really, will men take the time to do this?  Most likely not, so, it is important to really wet your face with hot water, not scalding, but hot.  This is the first step in a great shave, and again, the wetter the better, and make sure to keep the skin wet before, during and the entire shave.  The hot water helps open the pores and relaxes your muscles to soften the whiskers for a more effective shave.

The next thing men need to consider a shaving brush.  The brush should be made of badger hair, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  The brush should be saturated with hot water (not scalding) and very wet.  Once the brush is really wet, dip the brush into shaving cream in a tub.  Keeping the face wet with a layer of water in between the lather allows for the blade to skim the surface rather than dragging on it which creates irritation and shave bumps.  This will give a much better result than soap or cream in a can.  The shaving creams in the tubs usually contain essential oils such as lavender, tea tree oil, lemon grass and others to moisturize and soothe the skin.  When the product is on the brush, apply it to your skin in a circular direction to create a good lather.  This process will also help exfoliate your dead skin cells.  This should take about 1-2 minutes.  Some great shaving creams in a tub include products by Jack Black, The Art of Shaving, or American Crew.

Now comes the razor.  Most men and women tend to use multi blade disposable or cartridge razors.  The trick is to go retro and use a single Double Edged blade razor.

Single Double Edged Razor

Single Double Edged Blade

Once you have lathered your face, gently glide the razor without pressure from top to bottom with the grain of your beard.  If you want even a closer shave, you can re-lather and shave going against the grain on the second shave, again, using no pressure.  Using this method will help eliminate irritation, burning, ingrown hairs and shave bumps.

When you are done shaving, rinse your skin with cool water to close the pores.  Follow up with a good after shave lotion or moisturizer that contains SPF.   I dare all of you to try this method and am confident your significant other will be glad you did.


Last week I had an interesting conversation with one of my clients.  I had complimented her on her weight loss when the conversation took a turn to the dreaded scale.  The big question of the day was “Why is everyone so obsessed with the scale?”  I had to be honest and say that I no longer maintained that insanity of weighing myself every single day.

I broke my habit about 17 years ago when I first started losing my weight.  I traveled across the Atlantic to Macedonia where scales were no where in sight and was freaking out.  How on earth was I going to monitor my weight???  Further more, weight measured in Macedonia is in kilograms and frankly, that is too much math for me.  I just thought to myself, “You have worked way too hard to lose all of this weight just to blow it here while on vacation!”  So, I was more conscious of the food entering my oral cavity and exercised more.  Not knowing those numbers encouraged me to be more aware because I was scared to ruin what I had already accomplished.  It paid off because not only did I keep my weight off, but I lost even more.

Now, to my obsessed days.  I have to laugh out loud because it doesn’t matter how much weight one wants to lose, this seems to be a common factor around the globe.  It was a habit.  Every morning I would go into the bathroom first thing, take off all of my clothes and step onto that dreaded monitor.  Hmmm……that can’t be!  What?!!!???  A two pound gain??????  Wait, let me scoot the scale over here a little.  I think the tile is not even over here.  What????!!!!   A THREE POUND GAIN???????!!!!!!   Wait, let me move the scale over here.  The tile was more uneven over there.  Ahhhh, Now we’re talking……..a one pound loss!!!!  Finally, even tile on the floor.  I am laughing as I write this…….EVERYBODY MOVES THE SCALE AROUND TO GET THE BEST READING OUT OF PERHAPS 4-5 WEIGH INS!!!!

The thing is, if I had a 2 pound loss, I would think, “Hey, I have some lee way……..I could eat more today, after all, I lost 2 pounds!”  And the next thing I know I have a 5 pound gain!!!  Today, I just tell by my clothes and how I fit in them.  If they are starting to feel snug a little, well it’s time to be more watchful and eat healthier.  I am not saying that I never weigh myself, just not everyday like before, rather perhaps once a month.

I guess my point is that it took an entire summer to break my habit of daily weigh ins, and I am more relaxed about my weight because of it.  Remember it takes 21 days to start a habit and 21 days to break a habit.   I do encourage all of you not to be so obsessed to what the scale says because it is all about being healthy and fit.


The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. ~Robert Maynard Hutchins

The summer is winding down, and school is just around the corner.  I am in the final stretch of completing my Master’s program this fall where I will be student teaching 7th and 8th graders the fascinating subject of science in exactly 3 weeks.  I am a little nervous, but that is natural with starting something new.  I had told my co-op teacher that I would be making a lot of mistakes, and his reply was that it was his job to point them out to me.  Hmmmm…..Please do not be so harsh, Mr. A.

I am eager to meet my students (hopefully they are not deviants) and hope to challenge them to enjoy learning about their surroundings.  I just can’t wait for the experiments…….hopefully I don’t contribute to a nasty explosion in the school!   In five months I will be the first in my immediate family to receive a Master’s diploma……..and with honors!  That pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is looking shinier and shinier!


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