Health and Beauty 107

14 Feb


      Hair is basically made up of water and protein.  The protein bonds in the hair are like a chain, where the molecules are linked together.  When hair is exposed to various elements, the links weaken therefore breaking down the chain, or in other words, break down the hair shaft.

Some of the elements that contribute to the demise of hair are natural elements, such as wind and sun, mechanical elements that include blow dryers, flat irons (the worst), curling irons, and pressing irons.  Chemical elements also break down the hair, so make sure hair dyes are not overlapped, perms whether straight or curly are done correctly.  Repeated exposure to mechanical, chemical and natural abuse, (we all know we do it) the links in the chain weaken so much that it loses a link, or breaks or splits the hair resulting in damage.  Damaged hair is then very lack luster and unmanageable and really ends up looking like hair on a buffoon.

The trick to having great locks is to restore the moisture and protein levels in the hair which will result in shinier and stronger hair.  It really is not a secret to this trick, and I can bet your hairstylist has NOT recommended this prescription.  EVERYONE should practice this method, and after a while, YOU WILL NOTICE A DIFFERENCE in your hair.  Are you all ready?  The key is to invest in protein shampoo, daily conditioner and deep conditioner and a moisture shampoo, daily conditioner and deep conditioner.  For one week use the protein shampoo and daily conditioner with a deep conditioning treatment1 or 2 times a week.  The following week switch to the moisture shampoo and daily conditioner with a deep conditioning treatment 1-2 times weekly.  Alternate the protein and moisture products every week.  Conditioners will help repair your hair and will act as a moisturizer for your scalp and hair shaft, so don’t omit it from your routine.  And, NO it does NOT make your hair unmanageable, the clean hair is what does that; that is what hair products are for; to dirty your hair so you can manipulate it.  I dare you to try it;  I promise you will see a great improvement in your hair.


The key to having great looking skin is exfoliation.  That means scrubbing the dead epidermal layer of your skin off.  I mean, you don’t have to go crazy because you can make your skin feel raw with wash cloth burn or even create a sore.  Exfoliating your skin really helps remove the dead skin cells leaving your largest organ feeling soft, smooth and supple as a baby’s bottom.  I came across a great home recipe that you can use as an exfoliant, and all you need is baking soda and water!  The best part is you can also add oils to the concoction to soften your skin at the same time.

3 Parts Baking Soda


1 Part Water, 1/2 Part Oil

You can use any kind of oil; I used olive.  Others include jojoba, baby, or any essential oil such as tea tree, lavender or peppermint etc.  It just depends on where you are using the exfoliant.  If you are using it as a foot scrub, use peppermint oil, for your face or hands, olive or jojoba; you get the picture.  Mix the ingredients together and go to town.  These ingredients can be used in bath or foot tubs as soaks; you may have to increase the parts for larger quantities.   Try it; I would love to hear your feedback!


February is healthy heart awareness month.  I wanted to mention how important it is for individuals to be cognizant of symptoms of heart  disease and for individuals to live a healthy lifestyle to promote heart health.  I wish my mother did this because then perhaps she’d still be here today.

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the NUMBER 1 KILLER of women.  Heart disease is pretty much the build up of plaque in the arteries causing the passageway for blood to narrow, thus making it harder to flow to the heart.  There are several other related heart conditions such as heart failure, irregular heart beat and arrhythmia.

It is obvious so many things contribute to heart disease, but what better way to start the 2012 year than to take care of your heart.  There are many things to consider especially diet and exercise programs.  It is also important to be aware of the symptoms that indicate heart conditions.  There is just so much to write about heart disease, I’d have to start a new blog, so I am including the link to The American Heart Association for you all to peruse the site to gain knowledge and start taking care of your heart.


  February 14……..Valentine’s Day……the day set aside for Romance ……but why does it seem to have to be about romance?  I mean really, I certainly remember having Valentine’s Day parties during my elementary school days, and I can guarantee that none of students at that time had exclusive boyfriends and girlfriends, yet we celebrated the day with loads of candy and single card messages professing, well, our friendships, I guess.  At the time boys and girls were still thought of as having cooties, and not until the middle school years (starting 5th grade) when we were all trying to find ourselves and our place to fit in did we notice the members of the opposite sex.  But, God forbid we confess our love or rather intense crushes to the boys or girls in our class, and what better way than to do it with a candy heart that has been around for what seems a million years.  These have been around since the 1800’s and are a fun treat that stirs up conversations; their entire purpose.  And with the change of times, messages have been updated to include fast growing technology such as text me, email me, or fax me.

I will say however, that Valentine’s Day should not be about Romance, but friendships.  I mean, c’mon……you can’t have a romance unless their is a friendship involved anyway.  So go out and do something nice for your friends or even for yourself.  Some great ideas to treat yourself to a great Valentine’s Day…….get a pedi/mani, a good haircut, a full body massage, a wet shave, buy yourself some perfume or cologne, treat yourself to dessert from your local bakery or candy store, buy some flowers to add decoration to your room, cook yourself a great meal, have lunch with friends and finally splurge on a nice watch or piece of jewelry for yourself…… are worth it!


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