17 Jul


Clients are always bombarding me with the same ole question:  “So, what’s new in hair?”  Unfortunately, today, everything goes.  Long hair, short hair, colored hair, highlighted hair, and faux hawks; nothing has really changed.  The last hair show I attended the all black clad celebrity stylists seemed to be in love with BOB….that’s right, inverted, stacked, layered, asymmetrical, all one length, the unaffected classic Bob haircut.  Rest assured, women, the bob is still very much in, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.  I will say, however, that I was terribly perplexed by the new trend in hair color.  I thought to myself, “Why on earth would anyone want to get hair color with their roots made to look like they are already grown out?  UGLY!”   Thank goodness I really don’t have ANY clients that would request this bad idea.  Well, last week, my client wanted something different with her hair color, something sunkissed, something that wasn’t going to be high maintenance like highlights, something natural looking……….oh no,……..she wants OMBRE………

Ombre Technique

Ombre is a french word that means gradation  from dark to light fading color.  Color is not applied at the root, rather the mid-shaft and ends which results in lower maintenance and longer between time at the salon.  It is a quick, easy application, either single or double process depending on the clients hair.  The photo above is my finished result, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised and completely SOLD; I loved it!  Can’t wait to recommend it to my other clients……


A few months ago, I did a girls trip to South Beach, Miami.  While sitting in the hotel room, my friend made note that I was very expressive while speaking and therefore, I had deep “11’s” and suggested I resort to getting Botox.   She was referring to the two lines in between my eyebrows.  And here, I thought those lines were created not by my dramatic facial animations, rather my inadequate and poor nearsighted vision that causes me to constantly squint.  Her secret was finally revealed……no wonder she looked so young.

The Allergan drug is made of a toxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum which is a toxin that causes botulism or the bacteria causing  very serious life threatening type of food poisoning.  Botulism causes muscle paralysis, starting in the face moving to the limbs, so one false move with a Botox shot, well, you get the picture.

The interesting thing about Botox, it is not only used for temporary wrinkle immobilization, but as many other therapies to treat underarm sweating, misaligned eyes, cervical dystonia (neck and shoulder contractions neurologically based), and uncontrollable blinking, so it has positive useful applications that are not necessarily purely cosmetic.

There are many side effects with Botox and maybe the reason for my apprehension…….maybe one day I will join in on the many Botox parties to freeze my fine lines and wrinkles to maintain my youthful appearance.


Interval training.  My discovery to really burning fat!  Ever since my non rehabilitated knee surgery, I just can not run anymore, so I have resorted to using the eliptical machine.  I will say that I do get a great low impact workout that may even be slightly better than running, and most definitely less strenuous on my knees!

Basically, one can do interval training with what ever cardio exercise whether it be running, walking, biking, jump roping or pedaling away on the eliptical machine.  People must remember, however that you have to do what is comfortable to your pace.  The basis for interval training is the intermixing of slow and fast.  For example, one can walk at a normal pace for a minute or two, then for about 4 minutes walk or even jog/run at a much faster pace, then slow down again for a minute or two; repeat the process.  It is important to know that you should not bring your heart rate back to resting rate when slowed down.

The short burst of intense cardio within your normal paced workout will add variety to workouts, renew muscle fibers, boost your metabolism, and increase fat loss that will result in feeling great.  It is very important to start slow if you have never exercised before, and it is highly recommended to consult your physician if you are over 60 or have heart conditions.


A few weeks ago, my cousin and nieces and I spent the day in Chicago where we walked along the lakefront, went to Lincoln Park Zoo and had a photo shoot at North Avenue Beach.  It was an amazing day!

Chicago Skyline from the Lakefront……John Hancock Building

The Chicago skyline is just so beautiful and is one of the most amazing architectural spectacles in the world.  On this day, the extreme north winds made it unsafe to be beached wales wading in that pure Michigan water, although it would have been fun to jump those Pacific Ocean sized waves.

Lincoln Park Zoo

The last time I went to Lincoln Park Zoo, I was in high school, and that was a LONG time ago.  I had forgotten what a great place this zoo is,  and it is smack in the middle of a big city!  The grounds are breathtaking not to mention the variety of animal exhibits ranging from farm animals and petting zoo to exotic apes, goats, camels, zebras and much more.  The best part of it,  is the fact that the zoo is free to enter.

Lincoln Park Zoo-Apes

Finally, we strolled along North Avenue Beach watching the vulturous seagulls searching for food.  There were people in the water which scared the bejeezus out of me, those rip currents were rough that day.  Those people jumping the waves really should have been wearing life jackets just in case.

North Avenue Beach

There is just something so serene to watching the waves of Lake Michigan and soaking your feet into the warm sand.  The city of Chicago is so magical and has so much to offer whether it be food, shopping, cultural, or entertainment, it has something for everyone.


2 Responses to “HEALTH & BEAUTY 109”

  1. Eric Young October 3, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

    my deep 11’s are often mistaken for an angry expression. which is usually not the case. I also squint when in deep thought. Ill call mine “deternination 11’s” ..and hey…that may be my next screename!

    • nanstrez June 20, 2014 at 3:39 am #

      It has been a long time since I have visited my blog. I hope to contribute more this summer! And, Eric, Determination 11 is a fabulous screen name.

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